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Centerfield To Acquire Qology Direct With $156 Million In Financing

Centerfield, based in El Segundo, CA, has secured $156 million in financing to fund its acquisition of Qology Direct, a performance based marketing firm amidst other future acquisitions, according to Mediapost.

Centerfield had previously received $100 million in a prior round of funding.

Centerfield uses its proprietary technology to identify high value and intent-driven consumers and execute real time biddable (RTB) mediadigital media platforms including search, display and social,  to acquire customers. Together with Qology Direct, Centerfield can offer a fully integrated sales and marketing solution to engage the consumer from initial touch point all the way through completed sale, delivering new customers at scale to some of the biggest brands worldwide.

The combined company will operate under the brand name Centerfield. By the end of 2017, the newly formed company expects to generate over 2,000,000 customer sales for their clients, and employ upwards of 2,000 staff members.

About Centerfield
Centerfield develops intelligent digital advertising technology focused on real time biddable media which enables targeting and acquisition of high performing, high life time value customers for its clients across numerous industries. The Company’s sophisticated marketing technology platform leverages Big Data and optimizes each part of the customer acquisition process from initial view through offline sale in real time for the highest possible return on advertising spend. For more information, please refer to the Centerfield website

About Qology Direct
Qology Direct is comprised of forward thinking marketers that specialize in all aspects of the buying process. While other companies concentrate solely on acquiring new customers, we focus on a more complete picture. By using online marketing tactics that deliver results from start to finish, we keep in mind the total satisfaction of both our partners and the consumer. At the core of our business model lies the principle of positive consumer engagement, while user experience is found at the forefront of every decision we make. As creative yet analytical professionals, technology has been used along with an expertise in direct marketing to create the leading performance-based marketing company we are today.