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Blockchain in Adtech Panel

LA AdTech Panel: Blockchain in AdtechLA AdTech is bringing insights into emerging platforms that impact the digital advertising industry. Many are familiar with bitcoin as a digital currency but the underpinning is a technology called blockchain.

Having first made waves in the finance industry several years ago, blockchain is poised to become the break-out technology for digital advertising as the industry searches for solutions to a broken and opaque supply chain.

Blockchain also has the potential to wipe out fraud – tackle bot traffic, domain spoofing or even a Methbot. Its potential is vast but first we have to understand what it is and how it works.

Join us for a panel discussion to learn:

  • What blockchain is and why you should know about it;
  • How it can work with existing standards approaches, such as ads.txt;
  • How blockchain technology can change the transparency game and clean up the supply chain;
  • How blockchain can be used to combat fraud;
  • And specific protocols and products in development.

6:00-6:30pm – Registration
6:30-7:15pm – Discussion
7:15-7:30pm – Q&A
7:30-9:00pm – LA AdTech Networking + MetaX House Warming Party

Hunter Gebron, MetaX


  • Fred Askham, Associate Director of Analytics, Ideas Made Measurable (Boulder, CO)
  • Shailin Dhar, Co-founder – Director of Research, Method Media Intelligence
  • Emmett O’Keefe, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Data & Marketing Association
  • Ken Brook, CEO, MetaX

Thank you to MetaX for hosting the panel and for the party.