Rubicon Project Partners With Integral Ad Science For Viewability Scores

Rubicon Project announced Monday (February 6th) that it is partnering with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide third-party viewability scores for display and video advertising on both desktop and mobile web, per a joint press release.

By applying viewability scores at the individual ad placement level and delivering them within the auction bid request, marketers should find it easier to measure the ROI of their display and video ads. Publishers can also use these granular level viewability data to evaluate and optimize their ad inventory to drive performance and pricing.

By leveraging Integral Ad Science‘s Media Ratings Council (MRC) accreditation, Rubicon Project offerings will gain headways into concerns around media transparency in the online media space, specifically those in programmatic media transactions. A concern about ad fraud was brought up by Proctor & Gamble’s Marc Pritchard at a recent  Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting.

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Rubicon Project Partners With Integral Ad Science For Viewability Scores



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