LA AdTech Panel – Investing In AdTech 2017 Update

In the past few years, Los Angeles has grown to become as an established region for ad-tech and mar-tech innovation in programmatic, mobile, video, native, and data, as well as in virtual reality, augmented reality and influencer marketing.  So it is only expected that investing activities would follow suit.

Moreover, investing activities in ad-tech and mar-tech companies have also matured from seed investments to ranging from later funding rounds ($9M for Conversion Logic) to investment exits via acquisitions (Turn & CitizenNet) and major IPOs (The Trade Desk ($TTD) and Snapchat ($SNAP)).

So, it’s time to take a temperature check on the investing environment for ad-tech and mar-tech:
– How are investors of varying sizes viewing the direction of the public stock market?
– Will there be more acquisitions than IPOs, particularly from foreign telcos?
– As some segments are being commoditized, what segments such as Native, Mobile, Video, etc can still provide huge returns to investors?
– Are investors paying attention to nascent segments such as VR/AR and Influencer Marketing?
– With companies like Adobe is turning into quite the martech behemouth through acquisitions, will there be further consolidation in the space?
– Would other big corporations follow this path and will they invest in or acquire instead?

These are a just a few of the questions we’ll be exploring in this panel discussion that brings together investors active in the ad tech sector. So, please RSVP now for early bird pricing.

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Speakers for this panel include:
– Jim Andelman (Rincon)
– Dan Chen (Siemer / CEC Capital Group)
– Fred Krueger (Troopwork, Adconion, GradientX)
– Kara Weber (Brilliant Ventures)
– Other names coming soon

 Investing in AdTech 2017 Update

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