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Turn Acquired For $310M

A trend that has been more and more noticeable the past couple of years is where companies from Asia are investing and acquiring established and maturing ad tech companies to add to their own expertise. Supporting that trend, Turn announced today that it is to be acquired by Amobee for $310 million. Amobee is a digital marketing firm owned by Singtel, a telco from Singapore.

This deal is expected to complete within the next few months.

Turn’s CEO Bruce Falck explained in a company blog post that the combined Turn/Amobee company will have the resources and scale for further global expansion and to evolve their mobile, data management, and analytics products. Amobee will complement Turn by integrating its social media platforms into Turn’s omnichannel DSP.

Another trend that is becoming clearer now is that telcos are acquiring ad tech companies in various parts of the world to build on their own ad tech expertise. Singtel acquired Amobee in 2012 and Adconion and Kontera in 2014. Verizon bought AOL and is buying Yahoo. Other less prominent acquisition activities include Norwegian telco Telenor buying Tapad and Australian telco Telstra buying Ooyala.

After this Turn acquisition, only MediaMath, DataXu and AdForm are left as privately-owned independent DSPs.

Turn acquired by Amobee


M&A And Fundraising Report In AdTech And MarTech Sectors

With earnings season currently underway (The Trade Desk Reports Q4 Earnings Beating Estimates) and IPOs in the AdTech sector starting to ramp up (Snapchat, AppNexus), it might be useful to take a look at some of the mergers and acquisitions and fundraising activities that took place last year, and also review what 2017 would look like.

Results International, a global M&A advisor recently released their annual review report on the state of the global advertising and marketing technology sectors focussing on investment fundraising and exits. You can download their 2016 Annual Review edition of the AdTech & MarTech Barometer.

Some highlights:

  • M&A in 2016 only lagged behind 2014 in the number of deals (412 vs 428)
  • M&A in 2017 will continue to be strong due to:
    • Buyers/Investors are from diverse sectors
    • Private Equity interest increasing
    • New platforms and technologies being built to solve actual problems
    • Traditional media & telecom giants looking to monetize content better
    • Buyers from Asia investing in already proven technology in the West

M&A And Fundraising Report In AdTech And MarTech Sectors

Condé Nast Acquires CitizenNet

Congratulations to CitizenNet and Dan Benyamin.

Condé Nast announced last week that it will acquire social data and marketing platform CitizenNet. Condé Nast intends to combine CitizenNet with its data product “Condé Nast Spire,”  to expand its audience targeting capabilities beyond Condé Nast’s owned and operated sites to its social platforms with over 174 million social followers..

With this acquisition, Condé Nast will be able to target the right audience at scale and across platforms for its advertising and marketing partners. On its own, Condé Nast’s online and offline first party data is combined with online behavioral data to personalize real time campaigns. When integrated with CitizenNet’s social-data sets and predictive behavioral targeting, Condé Nast will be able to offer its advertising and marketing partners a way to target the right audience at scale and across platforms.

A year ago, Condé Nast had acquired another ad tech firm, Poetica, which owns a real-time content editing system.

CitizenNet has never raised a VC round of financing.

Conde Nast Acquires CitizenNet