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[Watch Video] Blockchain In AdTech Panel At MetaX Wrapup

Thank you everyone for attending the Blockchain in Adtech panel hosted at the MetaX  headquarters in Santa Monica last week. The panel was moderated by Hunter Gebron, Director of Strategic Initiatives at MetaX and featured panelists including Ken Brook, CEO of MetaX; Fred Askham, Associate Director of Analytics at Ideas Made Measurable from Boulder, CO; Shailin Dhar, Co-founder of Director of Research at Method Media Intelligence; and Emmett O’Keefe, Senior Vice President of Advocacy at Data & Marketing Association.

If you missed the panel, you can watch the entirety of it right below:


We also posted photos from the event on the LA AdTech Facebook Group. Join the active community for more discussions on ad tech issues.

Blockchain in Adtech Panel at MetaX

LA AdTech Panel: Blockchain in Adtech

Blockchain in Adtech Panel

LA AdTech Panel: Blockchain in AdtechLA AdTech is bringing insights into emerging platforms that impact the digital advertising industry. Many are familiar with bitcoin as a digital currency but the underpinning is a technology called blockchain.

Having first made waves in the finance industry several years ago, blockchain is poised to become the break-out technology for digital advertising as the industry searches for solutions to a broken and opaque supply chain.

Blockchain also has the potential to wipe out fraud – tackle bot traffic, domain spoofing or even a Methbot. Its potential is vast but first we have to understand what it is and how it works.

Join us for a panel discussion to learn:

  • What blockchain is and why you should know about it;
  • How it can work with existing standards approaches, such as ads.txt;
  • How blockchain technology can change the transparency game and clean up the supply chain;
  • How blockchain can be used to combat fraud;
  • And specific protocols and products in development.

6:00-6:30pm – Registration
6:30-7:15pm – Discussion
7:15-7:30pm – Q&A
7:30-9:00pm – LA AdTech Networking + MetaX House Warming Party

Hunter Gebron, MetaX


  • Fred Askham, Associate Director of Analytics, Ideas Made Measurable (Boulder, CO)
  • Shailin Dhar, Co-founder – Director of Research, Method Media Intelligence
  • Emmett O’Keefe, Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Data & Marketing Association
  • Ken Brook, CEO, MetaX

Thank you to MetaX for hosting the panel and for the party.