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Livetweets From LA AdTech Panel At Pathmatics 3/22

Thank you everyone for attending the LA AdTech panel “How Ad Fraud & Other Factors Are Changing The Ad Tech Ecosystem” on March 22nd that was generously hosted by LA AdTech partner company Pathmatics.

We want to publicly thank the CEO and Co-Founder of Pathmatics, Gabe Gottlieb, who moderated the panel last night. We also want to thank our panelists Ben Plomion (CMO of GumGum), Matt Arkin (VP West of VideoAmp) and Nick Lynch (VP, Head of Digital at Icon Media Direct), who graciously contributed their time to the lively discussion.

Great conversations and networking were had by all the attendees before and after the panel with food and beverage generously sponsored by Pathmatics. So, make sure to check out more insights regularly published by Pathmatics at https://blog.pathmatics.com.

If you missed the event last night (or like a refresher), see below for livetweets on some topics from the panel discussion.

Special thanks must be given to Ken Roberts and Jordan Hieshetter from the Pathmatics team who helped organized the flawless event last night. You have our gratitude.

Livetweets From LA AdTech Panel At Pathmatics 3/22

Pathmatics Report On Media’s Biggest Spenders In January 2017

Don’t forget, Pathmatics is hosting this month’s LA AdTech panel on “How Ad Fraud And Other Factors Are Changing The Ad Tech Ecosystem” on March 22nd, to be moderated by its CEO Gabe Gottlieb.

Due to the venue size, seating is limited. So, make sure to RSVP now.
How Fraud And Other Factors Are Changing AdTech

Meanwhile, let’s take a quick look back at who Pathmatics identified to be media’s biggest spenders in January 2017. Using their own proprietary ad spend data, Pathmatics found that CBS, while gaining the most number of impression in its industry, it was not the top spender.

1. NBC Universal Television

Total Spend
Total Impressions
Direct Spend
Direct Impressions


Total Spend
Total Impressions
Direct Spend
Direct Impressions

3. CBS

Total Spend
Total Impressions
Direct Spend
Direct Impressions

4. HBO

Total Spend
Total Impressions
Direct Spend
Direct Impressions

5. Starz Entertainment

Total Spend
Total Impressions
Direct Spend
Direct Impressions

Source: Pathmatics US Desktop, Mobile, and Video Data, January 1st, 2017 – January 31st, 2017.

In addition to gaining the most impressions among these media buyers but ranking only third in total spend amount, CBS also pushed 211 unique ad creatives, the second most after NBC’s 437 ad creatives. Direct advertising is not important to CBS as it ranked last among these media buyers in the amount spent in that media category.

You can read more about the spend amount by these media buyers on Pathmatics’ own blog.

Please RSVP to the Pathmatics Panel on 3/22 to learn more about how ad fraud, transparency and other factors are changing the ad tech ecosystem! Space is limited.

Pathmatics Report On Media's Biggest Spenders In January 2017

Brand Safety And Ad Transparency In Programmatic Are Most Important Issues To Marketers

Trusted Media Brands, a multi-platform media publisher, recently released a research report that surveyed agencies and marketers on their experience with the programmatic media buying process.

This survey, which is commissioned by Advertiser Perceptions in January polled more than 300 agency and client-side marketers from the Advertiser Perceptions Omnibus Panel. The main takeaway from this report is that brand safety, along with audience data targeting and ad transparency are the most important issues to marketers in the digital media buying process.

Related: Pathmatics is leading a panel discussion on March 22nd, 2017 to address how ad fraud, brand safety and other industry factors are changing the ad tech ecosystem.
How Fraud And Other Factors Are Changing AdTech

Other key highlights from the Trusted Media Brands report include

  • Given the proliferation of and concerns regarding fake news, marketers reported that brand safety is more important (81%) than the ability to buy ads programmatically (73%).
  • But they acknowledged (71%) that it is difficult to guarantee brand safe environments while buying programmatically on the open exchange.
  • Buying decision factors that are extremely important to marketers include Audience Target Delivery, Viewability and Brand Safety.
  • In light of all these challenges, half of digital and mobile advertisers are planning to increasing their spending on audience data targeting in the next 12 months.
  • Ad transparency is also very important but more than half the respondents don’t expect programmatic transparency to get better in the short term.

You can download the full report, along with additional charts and graphs, from Trusted Media Brands directly or you can read the report below:

Please RSVP to the Pathmatics Panel on 3/22 to learn more about how ad fraud, transparency and other factors are changing the ad tech ecosystem! Space is limited.

About Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
Trusted Media Brands, Inc. is a visionary, brand-driven multiplatform media company, home to iconic brands like Taste of Home, the world’s largest circulation food media brand; Reader’s Digest; The Family Handyman, America’s leading source for DIY; a suite of highly targeted brands including Birds & Blooms, Country, Country Woman, Farm & Ranch Living and Reminisce; and digital properties which include EnrichU, the Taste Community and Haven Home Media. Trusted Media Brands reaches active consumers who genuinely connect with our blend of uplifting and enduring expertly-curated family, food, health, home improvement, finance and humor content – digitally, via social media, magazines and books, and events and experiences. Founded in 1922 by DeWitt Wallace as The Reader’s Digest Association, one of the first user-generated content publishers, Trusted Media Brands is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit TMBI.com.

About Advertiser Perceptions
Advertiser Perceptions is the world leader in providing media company executives with the research-based advertiser insight and guidance necessary for producing superior advertiser experiences. The company specializes in determining, analyzing, communicating and applying what advertisers think — their plans, opinions and motivations.

Brand Safety In Programmatic Is Still Most Important Issue To Marketers

How Fraud And Other Factors Are Changing AdTech – LA AdTech Panel at Pathmatics on March 22nd

“Fake news” undoubtedly has taken a toll on the industry recently, and brought the issue of programmatic buying to the forefront of advertisers’ minds with brands calling for transparency and accountability on behalf of the adtech community. In a rapidly changing and growing digital advertising ecosystem, it is crucial for brands, agencies, publishers, and adtech vendors to get on the same page in terms of expectations from each other, and move towards solutions to industry wide problems.

Whether you are on a brand team concerned about consolidating your partners or dumping more of your budget into social, an agency buyer dealing with fraud and arbitraged buys, a publisher trying to work with the best SSPs, or an adtech vendor attempting to demonstrate transparency to your clients – this topic impacts your business.

Please join LA AdTech and PATHMATICS, for an educational panel and networking event that will explore:

  • How consolidation is impacting various players and the pro’s and con’s
  • The impact on agencies and brands and what steps they’re taking to make changes and adapt
  • What this means for publisher revenue opportunities, and how the sell-side is handling ad fraud

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 22nd from 6-8pm
Location: Pathmatics HQ, 501 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 301, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Please RSVP to the Pathmatics Panel on 3/22 so that we can get an accurate headcount! Space is limited.

How Fraud And Other Factors Are Changing AdTech - LA AdTech Panel at Pathmatics on March 22nd

Pathmatics Financial Services ad spending report

Pathmatics Releases Financial Services Digital Advertising Report

LA AdTech partner company, Pathmatics, recently released a report on the digital advertising spending for the Financial Services category from the third quarter of 2016. Their report found that Financial Services companies continue to dominating digital advertising spending over other categories, with over $541 Million in Q3 2016, across all channels (desktop, mobile, and video).

Some highlights from the Q3 Top Financial Services Advertisers Report report include:

  • Desktop/display advertising accounts for 62% of the Financial Services industry total ad spend.
  • The Financial Services industry’s direct buys with publishers continue to dominate at 65% of the category’s ad spend.
  • Real Estate publishers are gaining traction with advertisers looking to reach homeowners.
  • In this industry, mobile ad spending ($24M) ranked a distant third to Desktop’s $333M and Video’s $183M in ad spending.
  • Larger brands (AmEx, Citigroup, and Geico) are starting to explore Native advertising.

Get your own copy of the full Q3 Top Financial Services Advertisers Report for a deep dive into the financial services industry’s digital ad strategy in 2016.

Pathmatics Top Financial Services Digital Advertisers Report

Pathmatics provides competitive and market intelligence in online advertising to help brands and agencies understand how their competitors are advertising, where their creative is running, what their spending is across all sorts of channels on digital (ie desktop, mobile, tablet, and video). Pathmatics works with both publishers and ad-tech companies and is backed by Bertelsmann and Upfront Ventures.