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OpenX Launches Tool To Simplify Web Page Performance

LA AdTech partner company, OpenX, announced on Wednesday the launch of Ad Footprint, a free tool as a Chrome Extension that can help publishers optimize their desktop and mobile Web pages. Build by OpenX Labs, this Chrome Extension will help publishers analyze how the advertising on their page affects performance and user experience.

OpenX Ad Footprint will allow publishers to enhance user experience on their site, improve page speed and increase overall revenue. For any given desktop or mobile web page, Ad Footprint will provide insights gathered from in-depth page analysis, page performance comparison with other websites as well as customized recommendations for optimization.

“At OpenX we recognize that a publisher’s success relies on their ability to expertly balance user experience and business objectives,” said Caleb Sotelo, staff engineer and director of OpenX Labs. “The tools publishers rely on today only provide insight into one variable of speed rather than approaching page performance as a multi-variable equation, which is why we built Ad Footprint.”

According to OpenX, a number of its premium publishers, including CafeMedia, Intermarkets, Vice Media and Vox Media, are using the tool.

OpenX Ad Footprint is now available as a free download in the Chrome Web Store.

OpenX Launches Ad Footprint