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Steelhouse Releases New Self-Service Retargeting Platform With Transparent Pricing

During SXSW 2017, LA AdTech partner company, Steelhouse released a self-served retargeting platform that gives advertisers full transparency to the cost of media spend on their platform.

This Premier Edition of Steelhouse’s Advertising Suite will allow marketers of any skill level on their own to quickly create ads, quickly place a pixel, define their campaign goal, set their budget, and launch their campaigns through multiple channels. In addition to transparent pricing in media spend, the platform’s transparent reporting will provide advertisers’ campaign performance down to the publisher level.

Mark Douglas, SteelHouse president and CEO, said the company doesn’t markup the media buys. This further marks the transition in Steelhouse’s business model from a revenue media model to a platform usage fee model, a change that began a year ago.

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