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The Trade Desk Expands Programmatic Native Video Offerings With Sharethrough And TripleLift

Building upon an existing integration relationship with Sharethrough and TripleLift from 2016, LA AdTech Partner Company, The Trade Desk looks to expand their native video offerings to allow in-feed native video placements to be purchased programmatically.

This expansion will allow media buyers access to The Trade Desk’s self-serve demand tools to purchase in-feed native video placements at scale across thousands of sites and apps. These native placement allows advertisers to deliver immersive brand messaging through in-feed and in-article ad units.

The Trade Desk’s platform allows media buyers to manage data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various advertising formats, including display, video, audio and social, on a multitude of devices, including computers, mobile devices, and connected TV.

In 2016, Sharethrough reported $140 million in gross native ad spend through its platform, with more than a third of that spend coming from native video and native video impressions. In-feed native video is expected to exceed $20 billion in spend in 2017, according to Business Insider Intelligence. Native video has been shown to offer a positive audience experience and return significant increases in brand lift, favorability and ad recall with just a few seconds of exposure, according to industry research.

Recent research found that 90% of U.S. marketers and agencies have adopted or are beginning to adopt native advertising. Additionally, eMarketer projects U.S. video ad spend to reach $14.77 billion by 2019.

The Trade Desk is also integrating with Ligatus to offer additional native display inventory at a global scale. Ligatus’ network consist of over 1,400 high-quality publishers in Europe that offer a brand-safe environment.

The Trade Desk Expands Programmatic Native Video Offerings With Sharethrough And TripleLift