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Livetweets From LA AdTech Panel At Pathmatics 3/22

Thank you everyone for attending the LA AdTech panel “How Ad Fraud & Other Factors Are Changing The Ad Tech Ecosystem” on March 22nd that was generously hosted by LA AdTech partner company Pathmatics.

We want to publicly thank the CEO and Co-Founder of Pathmatics, Gabe Gottlieb, who moderated the panel last night. We also want to thank our panelists Ben Plomion (CMO of GumGum), Matt Arkin (VP West of VideoAmp) and Nick Lynch (VP, Head of Digital at Icon Media Direct), who graciously contributed their time to the lively discussion.

Great conversations and networking were had by all the attendees before and after the panel with food and beverage generously sponsored by Pathmatics. So, make sure to check out more insights regularly published by Pathmatics at https://blog.pathmatics.com.

If you missed the event last night (or like a refresher), see below for livetweets on some topics from the panel discussion.

Special thanks must be given to Ken Roberts and Jordan Hieshetter from the Pathmatics team who helped organized the flawless event last night. You have our gratitude.

Livetweets From LA AdTech Panel At Pathmatics 3/22